Friday, February 6, 2015

First of a New Month

Wow!  January flew by!
I was working on the twins six month birthday quilts.  They have pretty much outgrown their baby quilts.  Hard to believe they used to both fit on one.  I made them pink and purple again, moms' request.  But brighter colors and a crazy zigzag pattern for an I Spy inspired shape quilt.  Most of the fabric came from Hobby Lobby.  I did a scrappy binding and a super soft fleece backing.
And yes, all by hand.

Will get around to adding photos when computer starts behaving.

As for the goals.  Well, as many New Years' Resolutions, they have been more than I can handle.  I do have the scraps left over to make one quilt with the pink and purple together.  I just took longer making these than I thought.

The kids' charity project had bee nmoved to March.  I'm still taking donations.  They are going to do trip around the world quilts.  And I will have pictures then too.  The winter weather and sports have kept this postponed.

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