Monday, November 10, 2014

Mrs. B's Quilt

Now that the gift has been delivered, and the baby girl is being anticipated, I can show you the secret project I worked on for my sons' teacher.

I used up my stash of Auntie Grace that I had been holding onto for years!  I love 30s fabric, but hate to cut into it.  I hand pieced, appliqued, and hand quilted the whole thing.  It has a poly batt and is a bit stiff now, but after a few washings it should be just fluffy and soft.

I wanted to sew posies around the outside but sould not find a template to print, so circles it was.

Planning on linking up to a few of my favorite quilt blogs this week:

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  1. Hi, just stopped in to see anything new, always looking for ideas. Have you had a chance to open the package yet?

  2. And they're cute! What a nice combination of applique and piecing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, that's adorable! I think your circles (around the outside) bring flowers to mind. It's hard to cut (and let go of) your favorite fabric - well done :D

    Julie G


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